Auckland tattoo black and grey gallery

Black and Grey Tattoo Gallery

Discover the beauty of black and grey tattoos.
Auckland's Starlight Tattoo Studio would like to greet you for an unforgettable tattoo experience, drifting away with the serenity of the ocean while you are getting tattooed, a journey of self-discovery and expression unlike any other.

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Greek mythology tattooBlack and grey realism tattoo of Zeus and Prometheus.

Greek mythology tattooGreek mythology tattoo.

Mehndi style tattooMehndi tattoo.

Floral tattooBlack and grey floral tattoo.

Armour tattooMedieval armour tattoo and family crest.

Armour tattooMedieval armour and family crest tattoo.

Compass and map sleeveCompass tattoo with a map of New Zealand.

Zimbabwean tattooAfrican tattoo.

African wildlife tattooAfrican wildlife tattoo.

Neck and sleeve tattooNeck and sleeve tattoo.

Neck and sleeve tattooSleeve and neck tattoo.

Ritchie BlackmorePortrait tattoo.

Tigers on the chestSymetrical tattoo of two tigers.

Floral boho tattooFloral and boho style tattoo with a small cover up under the dark part of the moon.

Skull, runes and ink splash tattooSkull and runes tattoo.

Mandala husky tattooHusky and mandala tattoo.

Native American Indian portraitNative American Indian tattoo.

Native American Indian portraitNative American Indian portrait tattoo.

Sternum flowerSternum tattoo.

Bamboo tattooBlack and grey bamboo tattoo.

WingsRealistic wings tattoo.

Feathers down the armLarge black and grey feathers down the arm.

Skull hand tattooGirl with skull hand and money roses.

Dj Sleeve TattooDj sleeve tattoo with a skull wearing headphones.

Dj Sleeve TattooCustom designed sleeve tattoo with a mandala, skull and roses.

3D Geometric Tattoo3D geometric tattoo.

3D Geometric Tattoo3D geometrical tattoo.

Sugar skull faceSugar skull tattoo.

Pacific Island tattooNew Zealand tattoo.

ZeusHand tattoo of Zeus and lightning.

Sleeve tattooSleeve tattoo.

Half wolf face tattooWolf tattoo.

Wolf and owl sleeveWolf and owl sleeve tattoo.

New Zealand ocean sleeveNew Zealand ocean sleeve tattoo with orkas and a lighthouse.

New Zealand ocean sleeveNew Zealand sleeve tattoo.

New Zealand ocean sleeveUnderwater sleeve tattoo.

Sugar skullSugar skull tattoo.

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