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Witness the journey of metamorphosis as art breathes new life onto the skin.
Auckland's Starlight Tattoo Studio would like to greet you for an unforgettable tattoo experience, drifting away with the serenity of the ocean while you are getting your cover up tattoo inked, a journey of self-discovery and expression unlike any other.

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Bird cover upBird and dark black tribal cover up tattoo in watercolour style.

Japanese sleeve cover upJapanese sleeve cover up tattoo.

NZ bush tattoo cover upNZ nature cover up tattoo with a kiwi, fantail, ferns and waterfall.

Beads, gem stones and feather cover upCover up of an old Chinese sign with gems, beads, feathers, and lace.

Cover upTattoo cover up of an old butterfly and dark tribal.

HydrangeasCover up of some roses with watercolour splashes turning into Hydrangeas.

Lotus repairBeautification and rework of an existing lotus flower.

LighthouseTattoo cover up of an unwanted name.

Pacific Island tattoo fix upTattoo repair.

Pirate girl cover upRework of an old tattoo.

Celtic cover upIntricate tattoo cover up.

Scorpion cover upUpgrade of a Scorpion.

Thistle cover upCover up tattoo with a thistle.

Thistle cover upImprovement of an old tattoo.

Tribal tattoo cover upSmall cover up of a badly done tribal tattoo.

Rose cover upCover up and touch up.

Sea turtleSea turtle cover up tattoo.

Chest cover upCover up with paua shell colours.

Watercolor tattoo cover upTattoo beautification and improvement of the writing with watercolours.

WhaleWriting tattoo cover up with a whale.

Floral cover upDark symbol tattoo cover up with flowers and leaves.

Mermaid cover up tattooMermaid cover up tattoo.

Floral tattoo cover upTriangle with stars, vines and flowers covering a faded tattoo.

Stingray tattoo cover upTribal cover up tattoo with a stingray design.

Tui tattoo cover upTui bird covering an old scorpion.

Skulls and dragons sleeve tattoo cover upSleeve with skulls, dragons and flames covering up an old tattoo.

Feather repairFeather tattoo fix.

Geisha cover up tattooRework of an old Geisha tattoo.

Art nouveau tattoo cover upComplicated and intricate dark cover up.

Purple butterfly tattoo cover upThe purple butterfly is a cover up.

Delicate prurple flowers Addition to and refresh of an existing tattoo.

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If you'd like to find out more about getting your cover up tattoo and say bye bye to unwanted tattoos contact Buzzy the tattoo cover up specialist.