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Starlight Tattoo Auckland

Hello and Welcome,

Auckland tattoo studio Starlight Tattoo would like to greet you for an unforgettable tattoo experience, drifting away with the serenity of the ocean while you are getting tattooed, a journey of self-discovery and expression unlike any other.

Tui tattooNew Zealand tattoo of a Tui.

Space sleeveOne of many sleeve tattoo styles.

Your ideas can serve as an inspiration, and together we can design a stunning tattoo reflecting your individuality. A new piece of tattoo art will be crafted for you to be proud of. From small intricate tattoo designs to elaborate arm sleeves and full body suit tattoos, there is no limit of ideas. Buzzy is a tattoo artist who is extremely dedicated to create and transform your ideas into amazing and captivating tattoos. Nestled amidst the picturesque surroundings of Muriwai Beach near Kumeu in West Auckland, Buzzy’s Starlight Tattoo Studio provides a serene ocean view setting for you to enjoy your tattoo experience. Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of one of Auckland's great beaches while your tattoo skilfully and artistically comes to life.

Greek mythology tattooBlack and grey realism tattoo of Zeus and Prometheus.

View from Starlight Tattoo Auckland View from Starlight Tattoo overlooking Auckland's Muriwai beach.

Auckland Tattoo shop interiorThe tattoo studio.

You are invited to explore the captivating tattoo galleries of Auckland's Starlight Tattoo Studio showing an array of vibrant and brilliant colours and mesmerising three dimensional black and grey tattoos, that let you drift into a land of mystical fantasies. And if you are seeking to cover up, fix or refresh an existing tattoo then you are in very good hands with Buzzy, so be sure to explore the collection of repairs and cover up tattoos to give you ideas and inspiration to say goodbye to unwanted tattoos. Connect with Buzzy for advice and stay updated on the latest work through Facebook and Instagram.

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